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Bedroom Trends: Three Inspiring Examples

8 October 2019 By Natasja Admiraal Back to blog

If you’re looking for tips and inspiration to refurbish your bedroom and if you want to know which materials and colours are in fashion, look no further. We’ve immersed ourselves in the latest bedroom trends and set out the best for you.

Luxurious duvet cover

We spend a third of our life in the bedroom, for sleep, rest and relaxation. More than enough reason to pay extra attention to the room. A stylish layout begins with the perfect bed. It is, after all, the whole point of the place. In recent years beds have become more beautiful, bigger, and above all, more luxurious. It is more than just something you sleep in. We use the bed to enjoy time together, to watch a favourite series or film or to find inspiration in magazines on the ultimate lazy Sunday.

Minimalist zen oasis

The bedroom is the place in the house to get in the mood for relaxation. It is no surprise then that the room is often used to meditate in. Because meditation can help you become both mentally and physically calm, it has a positive effect on your sleep.

“Feel zen in no time under these sheets that bring harmony to the bedroom”

The use of natural materials like wood, rattan and cotton reinforces the fine ambiance of relaxation. The colours that give peace and harmony are mostly natural, like white, and grey and sand tints, like our duvet cover sets Shaded Sand and Inox Grey. Feel zen in no time under these fine sheets that add peace and luxury to the bedroom.

Five-star feeling

We want being on holiday to be better than being at home, don’t we? But, secretly, we want to sleep in a luxury hotel room every night. So why not evoke the comfort and atmosphere of a luxury suite in your own home? A comfortable king-size bed made up with rustling white linen lends that luxurious hotel feel to your own bedroom. 

Secretly, we all want to sleep in a luxury hotel room every night

Transform it into a chic hotel suite with our dazzlingly white, hotel quality duvet covers Preppy White and Crispy White. But if you prefer a New York loft style, why nog go for a dark, warm grey tint like Kepri’s stylish duvet cover Night Grey.

Statement in colour

With a bit of self-confidence, you can always go for strong colours in the bedroom. Create an exciting contrast with fine curtains and beautiful bedlinen and you can also give the walls colour. Cold and bare colours are a thing of the past. Warm shades, like the Purple Grape duvet cover from the Kepri collection, go well in the bedroom. If you prefer subtle colours, what about pastel shades? Kepri’s duvet covers Sky Light and Morning Rose are soft and dreamy. You can combine several pastel shades, but you can also go for darker colours. ‘The subdued colour palette allows our sheets to be mixed and matched however you want, so indulge yourself!’


Styling tip:

Why limit yourself to one or two pillows? You can create a rich effect with several, making it extra tempting to stay even longer in bed.

Natasja Admiraal

Natasja Admiraal is freelance journalist en schrijft over mode, interieur, kunst en lifestyle. Daarnaast is ze oprichter van online modelexicon mode ABC.

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