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Makers of Timeless Bedlinen

8 October 2019 By Natasja Admiraal Back to blog

We are Kepri, makers of the finest, sustainable and timeless bedlinen. We love fashion, interiors, travel and inspiring hotels. We’re fabric junkies. We want to show you our world and tell you how and why we have embarked on this adventure.

We are living in a consumer society: buying things, using them, throwing them away and starting again. We’re convinced at Kepri that things can be done differently, that they have to be done differently. That’s why we don’t want to be a part of one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Dumping the disposable

We don’t suddenly have to start getting rid of everything we possess. We don’t want to go that far. We love nice things just like you: a good book, that luxury hotel suite, souvenirs from holidays abroad. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to that terrific pair of shoes in the window of your favourite boutique. That’s why we say: let’s replace throw-away items with sustainable products. Products that are made with craftsmanship from high-quality materials. Timeless items, made to be enjoyed for years. Bedlinen that is softer than soft, so that your bed is the best place to be in the entire house.

Rustling sheets

Do you remember them? The crisp sheets that your grandmother used to have? Where can you get them nowadays? We’ve looked everywhere, but we couldn’t find them anywhere for a realistic price. So that’s why we decided to start making those softer than soft sheets ourselves. And our approach is simple: quality is our top priority. As a dyed-in-the-wool textile company, we’ve had a lot of fabric go through our hands. 

With Kepri, we want to make a difference and we won’t be satisfied with anything less

After years of experience, you can just feel the difference between average and superior quality. With Kepri, we want to make a difference and we won’t be satisfied with anything less. 

Made in India

When, at the kitchen table, we had the idea for Kepri, we had one important condition: our sheets had to be made from organic cotton. Not just organic cotton, but cotton with extra long fibres for that high-quality, timeless look. And, also important, ethically produced. After extensive research we discovered that India scored high in the area of sustainability and curious, we went there last April to have a look at their cotton fields. We were surprised by the exceptionally well organised textile factories, where people and planet are primary concerns. These producers were undoubtedly the ones for us.

Made to measure

Convinced of the pure quality of the organic cotton, the next challenge that awaited us when we returned from India was the design of the perfect sheet.

The subdued colour palette allows our sheets to be mixed and matched however you want

We have invested a lot of time in developing our high-quality products and we’re very critical. ‘One size fits all’ just doesn’t work for us. Kepri sheets are available in many sizes so that you can be assured of the perfect fit. The timeless design means that our sheets harmonize with every interior and the subdued colour palette allows them to be mixed and matched however you want. One of the best ways to introduce colour into the bedroom is with beautiful bedlinen and we even have the confidence to say that you’ll even sleep better.


Natasja Admiraal

Natasja Admiraal is freelance journalist en schrijft over mode, interieur, kunst en lifestyle. Daarnaast is ze oprichter van online modelexicon mode ABC.

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