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Towel, 2 pieces – Silver


Towel, 2 pieces – Silver

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Wrap yourself in luxury with our beautifully heavy, yet soft and absorbing organic cotton bath sheets. In an effort to complement any interior, the carefully selected colors in rich tones make these bath sheets true bathroom essentials. Easy on the eyes, soft on your skin.

Colour: Silver

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50 x 100 cm
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  • GOTS Certified Pure Organic Fibres
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Wrap yourself in luxury with our beautifully heavy, yet soft and absorbing organic cotton bath sheets. In an effort to complement any interior, the carefully selected colors in rich tones make these bath sheets true bathroom essentials. Easy on the eyes, soft on your skin.

Following our ethos of responsibly making use of the earth’s resources, our bath towel collection is lovingly made from our signature organic GOTS-certified cotton from the E.G. region. With a delightful weight of 700 GSM, the undeniable quality and comfort will last you decades.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I wash my linen sheets?

    Our linen sheets can be machine washed or dry cleaned. We recommend washing the linen sheets at 40°. In case the sheets contain tough stains the sheets may be cooked (if necessary with pre-washing or pre-soaking). Unfold the sheets before washing and do not overload the washing machine. We recommend ironing the sheets whilst they are still damp.

  • Can I ask for a color sample at Kepri Cotton?

    Yes, it is possible to ask for a color fabric sample for a certain type of quality. You can ask for one here: here

  • Why choose 100% linen sheets?

    Through the ages, linen has revealed understated qualities, unrivaled by any other fibre. Linen is crisp, clean and comfortable. It is soft, strong and durable. The more it is used, the softer it gets and the stronger the fibres become. The quality of Belgian linen is beyond compare, based on the nation’s centuries of experience.

  • What does the label ‘Belgian Linen’ entail?

    Belgian Linen is a registered trademark of the Belgian Flax and Linen Association, a trade association that represents companies that grow and transform flax in Belgium. Since 1960, the association overlooks and coordinates the Belgian Linen trademark. There are strict limitations of the use of the label. A strong set of quality standards has to be met, and the fabric has to be woven by Belgium-based companies.

  • Is Kepri Cotton sustainable?

    Kepri Cotton is GOTS-certified. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. GOTS is recognised globally as the label of quality for organic textile products, setting stringent sustainability conditions regarding every aspect of the entire production process; from treatment to production, to packaging, trading and distribution. Annual inspections are carried out to check the environmental, animal welfare and social conditions of the people in production. All our suppliers are also GOTS-certified. For more information please go to:

  • What makes Kepri Cotton sheets so unique?

    The use of extra-long staple fibres allows the thread to be spun extremely fine. There are 125 kilometres of thread in a one kilogramme spool! This thread is twisted into a 2-ply thread and then woven. Sheets made with 2-ply thread are stronger, softer, pill less and will last longer.

  • Where are Kepri Cotton sheets produced?

    Our cotton sheets are produced in India. Apart from beautiful organic cotton, India has the craftsmanship and know-how needed to produce finest-quality, ecological sheets. Our linen sheets are produced in Belgium. The centuries’ old tradition makes Belgium the land of linen par excellence. Our linen products carry the quality label ‘Belgian Linen’.


  • Can I return my order?

    If the items you ordered are not to your satisfaction, you are allowed to return them to Kepri Cotton within 14 days after the delivery date, free of charge. Please use the return form for your return. Returns are accepted only if the item is undamaged and returned in its original state. For returns from outside of The Netherlands we ask that you contact our customer service: or +31 88 622 4400.

  • How do I return an item?

    To return an item from The Netherlands you have to use the return form that is included in the shipment of your order. Fill out this form, include it in your return shipment and then send it to Kepri Cotton free of charge.

    For returns outside of The Netherlands we ask that you please contact our customer service: or +31 88 622 4400.

  • When do I receive the refund of my return?

    As soon as we have received your return in good condition, we will refund your payment. The refund will be effected in the same way you paid your order.

  • Do you charge shipping costs?

    Kepri Cotton only charges shipping costs for deliveries in The Netherlands and Belgium under the €50. If you place an order from a different country, the shipping costs will be shown when you specify to which country your order should be shipped.

  • When will my order be delivered?

    If you order on weekdays before 3 p.m., your order will be delivered the next day. Orders placed during the weekend will be shipped on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

  • What is the status of my order?

    As soon as your order has been shipped, you will automatically receive an email with a Track&Trace code. This code will provide you with the status of the delivery.

  • Do the prices shown include Value Added Tax (VAT)?

    Yes, all the prices shown include VAT.

  • Do the items I purchased have a warranty?

    Quality is a high priority for Kepri Cotton, and we continuously seek to achieve customer satisfaction. This is why our products carry a warranty term of one year for newly purchased pillow cases, fitted sheets and duvet covers.

  • What exactly does the warranty cover?

    The warranty covers fabric defects and production errors. Should an item have a defect or error, then please contact

  • What is not covered by the warranty?

    The warranty does not cover:

    • Wear caused by use of the items.
    • Physical damage to the items as a result of (burn) holes, tears or damage caused by(corrosive) liquids.
    • Damage to the items caused by commercial use.
    • Damage to the items caused by negligence or negligent maintenance.
  • What is the certificate of the warranty of my purchase?

    The invoice you have received from us per email counts as warranty certificate.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    You can pay using: iDeal, Bancontact, PayPal, Visa & Mastercard

  • How do I wash my cotton sheets?

    We recommend washing our cotton sheets at 40° together with similar colours, preferably by using a programme for delicate garments. Our sheets can be put in the dryer without a problem, and we recommend hanging them out whilst they are lightly damp to avoid creasing.

  • Which materials does Kepri Cotton use?

    Kepri Cotton makes its cotton sheets exclusively with extra-long staple fibres from organic cotton grown in India. From the long staple fibres very fine threads are spun; the source of the signature softness and suppleness of our sheets. The linen collection is made exclusively from organically grown flax from France, woven in Belgium.

  • What does Thread Count mean?

    The Thread Count (CT) – also called weave density – indicates the number of threads used per square inch. Because Kepri Cotton only uses the finest cotton fibres we are able to offer 400 TC for our percale woven quality and 500 TC for our satin woven cotton quality.

  • What are the depth measurements of the fitted sheets?

    Our fitted sheets have a depth measurement of 35 centimeters so they fit around any mattress perfectly. The sheets have been designed with elastics at the head and foot, so you immediately see how the bed must be made with the fitted sheets.

  • How are the duvet covers finished?

    Our duvet covers are constructed with a so-called bottleneck at the bottom, with a tuck-in strip. This has the advantage that the duvet cover can be tucked-in at the foot of the bed, keeping the cover in place and making sure the duvet does not slip out of its cover. The bottleneck has been reinforced in vulnerable spots. Our 100% cotton items have a size label, so you can immediately see which sheet fits which bed.

  • What is cotton percale and what are its traits?

    Percale is a weave technique which gives the sheet its matte look and makes it feel crispy and fresh. Our percale cotton sheets are light in weight and breathe optimally. Ideal for the warm summer months.

  • What is cotton satin and what are its traits?

    Satin is a weave technique which gives the sheet a silky soft touch and subtle shine. Due to the higher thread count, our satin quality sheets weigh more than our cotton percale and feel warm and lovely. Satin cotton is ideal for the autumn and winter season.

Best. Fair. Linens.

Discover a curated collection of exquisitely made bed linens and towels. We are committed to making use of the earth’s resources in a responsible way, creating dependable products with the planet and its people in mind.

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